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Intervention Services

Intervention Services is a program within the Community Supports Program that provides behavioral and skill teaching interventions to individuals and their families. It includes the Community Behavioral Support ProgramDirect Home Services and Direct Home Services – Intensive Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Intervention Services has two major goals:
  • To train and support parents, caregivers, clients and significant others so they can practice specific intervention techniques designed to modify disruptive behaviours and enhance socially accepted behaviours
  • To support individual’s participation in community life, (e.g., residential, educational, and/or vocational setting)

Community Behavioural Services Program (CBSP)
CBSP is delivered in settings in which behavioral difficulties are experienced, such as the home, at work or in recreational settings. Service provision within this program is based on the following:
  • Behavioural interventions should occur within the community setting, where the behavioural difficulties are displayed; behavioural programming at the school level is the responsibility of the school;
  • Behavioural interventions should be based on the reasons for the behaviour;
  • Positive programming practices must be integrated within the intervention model;
  • All behavioural interventions are guided by the least restrictive model; and
  • The person in receipt of service (or guardian) has a basic right to refuse interventions in their lives, and thus must be included in decisions regarding intervention procedures.
To be eligible for this program, the individual must have a diagnosis of significant intellectual disability and demonstrate significant behavioural concerns. All referrals to the program must undergo an eligibility assessment by the appropriate professional staff.
Direct Home Services Program (DHSP)
This program is a home-based early childhood intervention service available to families with children, age-birth to school-entrance, at risk or having a developmental delay. DHSP clients are children who display significant delays across the following developmental areas: cognition, communication, socialization, self-help, and fine and gross motor skills.

The primary aim of the service is to assist families, assess, identify and obtain information/support to promote the holistic development of their children. Any interested party can make a referral to the program, provided family members have given consent. The service is voluntary and at no cost to the family.  Home visits usually occur bi-weekly.

DHSP – Intensive Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Home Therapy program
The Applied Behavioural Analysis Program (ABA) provides intensive home based treatment for children aged 18 months to pre-grade four entry level with autism spectrum disorders. ABA treatment varies based on the child’s need but usually begins with intensive skill training based on a reward system. ABA for very young children is play-based and more developmental in style.
Home Therapy is funded up to 30 hours per week prior to school entry, up to 15 hours per week for the kindergarten year and up to 10 hours per week for grades one, two and three.  The service is voluntary and at no cost to the family. 
  • Please contact us if you have questions or inquires about the Intervention Services.


Updated Jun 6, 2013