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Falls Prevention

The Falls Prevention Program is an initiative developed by Eastern Health to assess and educate individuals at risk of falling. Falls account for over 87 per cent of injuries resulting in hospitalization and about 90 per cent of hip fractures in seniors are the result of a fall. There are many factors that can lead to falls including poor balance, weakness, some medications and a cluttered home environment. 
Assessment by an occupational therapist will focus on reducing falls by looking at the home environment and recommending changes to eliminate risk factors and suggesting modifications to daily activities to maximize safety and independence. Physiotherapy can work on exercises to improve strength and balance. 
Please consult with an occupational therapist or a physiotherapist if you or someone you know requires a fall prevention assessment. For more information on the program please review the following pamphlet, Preventing Falls Together.

Contact Us
Please contact your local home and community care clinic for more information on how to access the Falls Prevention Program.

In the St. John’s and surrounding area, information about this services can also be accessed by calling the Intake Coordinator at 709-752-4835.



Updated Jan 18, 2012