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Palliative Care at Home and in the Community

Eastern Health offers palliative care for all clients with a life limiting illness including cancer or end-stage heart, lung, renal and neurological disease. A palliative care approach is considered at the time when the disease is deemed to be incurable.

The Home and Community Care Program provides palliative care services in both the home and community clinic setting. Once eligible for palliative care the individual can access services at home from community care nurses and social workers who can help provide relief from disease symptoms such as pain, nausea or stress and improve quality of life.

End of Life Care at Home
When an individual has reached the final stages of their life, the Home and Community Care Program offers additional services to provide comfort and support to the patient and their family in their own home. End of life care at home is available across the Eastern Health region and includes a number of services, such as:
  • Home visits
  • Symptom treatment
  • Equipment and other supplies needed for care, such as a hospital bed
  • Personal care for the client
  • Household management needs
  • Respite for the main caregiver
  • Medications

Accessing End of Life Care
Assessment for end of life care at home can be done in the hospital by staff in consultation with other members of the care team or in the community by nurses or other professional staff.

Approval for this service may depend on a number of factors, including:
  • All treatment aimed at a cure has been completed and death is imminent
  • Client is aware that death is near and wishes to be at home
  • A physician or nurse is available to provide end of life support to the individual in the comfort of their own home
  • Caregiver or family is able and willing to help care for the client at home

Contact Us
For more information please contact your local palliative and end of life coordinator at:
St. John’s, Rural Avalon, Burin and Bonavista Peninsula – (709) 752-3559 or (709) 466-6407.


Updated Jan 13, 2021