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Clinic Locations

  • Arnold’s Cove Recreation Center
  • Bay Bulls Lifestyle Center
  • Bell Island Town Hall
  • Bonavista Lions Club
  • Branch Community Center
  • Carbonear, the former Fongs Motel, 143 Columbus Dr.
  • ClarenvilleOld Scotia Bank, Memorial Drive (lower shopping center)
  • Conception Bay SouthAll Saints Parish Hall 
  • Dildo Lions Club
  • Ferryland Team Room
  • Freshwater/PlacentiaFreshwater Community Center
  • Grand Bank Lions Club
  • Heart’s Delight-Islington Community Center
  • Holyrood Legion
  • Lethbridge Fire Hall
  • MarystownWamic Holdings Ltd, McGettigan Drive 
  • Mount Carmel Town Hall
  • Norman’s Cove Recreation Center
  • Old PerlicanJohn Hoskins Community Center 
  • St. Bride’sBranch Community Center/Town Hall
  • St. John’s (including east and west end) 
  • St. Lawrence Recreation Center
  • St. Mary’s Town Hall
  • Trepassey Social Center 
  • Whitbourne Lions Club


Updated Apr 26, 2021