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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Pomelo system lists two locations for booking your COVID-19 vaccine at the Village Mall in St. John’s. What is the difference between Village Mall Blue and Village Mall Yellow? 
We have established two clinics at this location to better serve clients. You can book into either of the clinics at the Village Mall. 
Q:  When will clinically vulnerable children age 12-16 be able to get a vaccine?  
Clinically vulnerable children age 12 to 16 are eligible to get a vaccine as of Wednesday, May 12, 2021.  
Q: What vaccine will my child receive? 
Children between 12 and 17 years of age are only eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. 
Q: My 11-year-old is turning 12 by December 31, 2021. How come I can’t book them for a vaccine while they are still 11? 
The research and licensing for vaccine has only been completed on 12-year-olds and over. Therefore, it can only be administered on children once they reach their 12th birthday. Research is being done on children six months and up but, until this receives approval from Health Canada, we are not able to administer vaccines to anyone below age 12.
Eastern Health was able to administer vaccine for earlier priority groups based on age by the end of the calendar year because those groups had already reached the minimum age for administering the vaccine.
For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, please visit Health Canada or the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s vaccine information sheet found at   
Q: What do I need to know about vaccine schedules for my child with respect to the timing of the COVID-19 vaccine? 
With the expansion of COVID-19 vaccine program to include students 12 years and older, it is important to ensure the correct timing is maintained between the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines such as HPV, Hepatitis B and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) that an individual may have received before or after a COVID-19 vaccine. For more information on the school vaccination program, please visit  
The National Advisory Committee on Immunizations (NACI) recommends: 
  • To wait for at least 14 days after the administration of another vaccine before administering a COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • To wait for at least 28 days after the administration of each dose of COVID-19 vaccine before the administration of another vaccine. 
When students, 12 years and older, are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccine, the timeframes between vaccines should be considered. For example:  
Anyone 12 years and older: 
  • Individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine should wait at least 28 days before receiving another vaccine such as HPV, Hepatitis B, or any other vaccine. 
  • Individuals who received a HPV, Hepatitis B, or any other vaccine should wait at least 14 days before receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. 
Anyone 16 years and older who is an essential worker (retail/grocery store employee): 
  • Individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine should wait at least 28 days before receiving the Tdap vaccine. 
  • Individuals who received a Tdap vaccine should wait at least 14 days before receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. 
Q: How can I reschedule my second dose appointment? 
We are working on a process to enable the rescheduling of booked appointments, and information will be communicated in the next few weeks.  
How can I find out what priority group I am in to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?
The Provincial Government has established a phased approach for vaccine administration. You can find a list of priority groups on the priority groups web page
Why is it taking so long to hear back?
There are many people pre-registered. As a result, it may take several weeks before you receive notification of an available vaccine appointment.  
How do I know if my appointment is confirmed?  
If an email address was provided at pre-registration, an email will be sent to that address with directions on how to go online to confirm your vaccine appointment. Don’t forget to check your “Junk Mail” folder. 
The confirmation email will include a booking code along with a link (URL) that will allow you to schedule the specific day and time of your appointment via the online booking portal called Pomelo (formerly called Health Myself). Please do not share the booking code. Individuals who did not receive a confirmation email directly from Eastern Health, should not book an appointment at this time. 
If an email address was not provided at the time of pre-registration, you will receive a phone call from the booking clerk, who will confirm your appointment date, time and location.   
If you have questions, please call 1-833-951-3884. 
Will I know what vaccine I will receive before my appointment? 
No. Vaccine shipments will be aligned with clinic schedules.  
I have received an email but can’t book on-line. Who can I call?
Please call 1-833-951-3884, and someone will be happy to assist you with your booking.
I pre-registered by phone and am waiting to receive a phone call to schedule my appointment. How will the phone number be displayed?  
It should show as “Eastern Health.” However, on some call displays, a call from Eastern Health can also appear as “Unknown Caller.”   
When I use the online booking system to book an appointment, I don’t see a clinic in my area. What do I do?
If you do not see a clinic scheduled near you or the clinic in your area is full, you can book into any other available clinic in the schedule. You can also check back the system at a later time, as schedules will be updated regularly
Please note that sites and clinics will continue to be added as the vaccine rolls out. Fully booked clinics will not show in the online booking system.
If you have questions, please call 1-833-951-3884.
Can I schedule an appointment for a clinic that is not in my area?
I/my family member lives in a congregate living facility (long-term care, personal care home, community care home, or other), and missed the COVID-19 vaccination. What do I do?
All clients who reside in a congregate living facility and missed the first vaccination will be vaccinated by the immunizing team during the next scheduled round of vaccinations at that site. Eastern Health staff at that facility will keep track of all those waiting for an appointment, including those who were admitted since the last vaccination visit or those who were in isolation
What do I need to know to prepare for my appointment?
  • Wear a shirt that allows for easy access to your upper arm, such as a short-sleeved shirt.
  • Bring your MCP card or another piece of identification that proves your age, such as your driver’s license, birth certificate or passport.
  • Arrive at the location no more than five minutes prior to your appointment. 
  • Follow the directions of staff and signage. 
  • Don’t forget to wear your mask and maintain physical distancing! The use of vented masks is not permitted. 
  • Once you receive your vaccination, you will be directed back to your vehicle with further instructions. 
    • Those without a personal vehicle will be provided a place to wait inside after vaccination
When will I receive my second appointment for the second dose of vaccine?  
Appointments for the second dose are generally within 16 weeks of the first dose. Eastern Health will be following up with individuals to notify them of their appointment for their second dose of vaccine.  
Where do I get vaccinated?
Clinics are located throughout the Eastern Health region at the following locations: 
  • Arnold’s Cove Recreation Center
  • Bay Bulls Lifestyle Center
  • Bell Island Town Hall
  • Bonavista Lions Club
  • Branch Community Center
  • Carbonear, the former Fongs Motel, 143 Columbus Dr.
  • ClarenvilleOld Scotia Bank, Memorial Drive (lower shopping center)
  • Conception Bay SouthAll Saints Parish Hall 
  • Dildo Lions Club
  • Ferryland Team Room
  • Freshwater/PlacentiaFreshwater Community Center
  • Grand Bank Lions Club
  • Heart’s Delight-Islington Community Center
  • Holyrood Legion
  • Lethbridge Fire Hall
  • MarystownWamic Holdings Ltd, McGettigan Drive 
  • Mount Carmel Town Hall
  • Norman’s Cove Recreation Center
  • Old PerlicanJohn Hoskins Community Center 
  • St. Bride’sBranch Community Center/Town Hall
  • St. John’s (including east and west end) 
  • St. Lawrence Recreation Center
  • St. Mary’s Town Hall
  • Trepassey Social Center 
  • Whitbourne Lions Club


Updated May 13, 2021