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Cardiology Clinic

The Janeway Cardiology Clinic is a non-invasive pediatric cardiology service that provides testing and medical care for children and youth with congenital heart disease (birth problems with the heart) and acquired conditions (heart conditions that are not present at birth but develop in childhood). 
Care may begin prior to birth, in the case of babies whose heart condition can be detected by prenatal ultrasound, and continues until the age of 18, at which time patients are transitioned to adult health care services.
Access to the Janeway Cardiology Clinic is by referral only by either family physicians, emergency physicians, or other specialists that provide care to your child.

The Janeway Cardiology Clinic team consists of:

  • a receptionist and an administrative assistant;
  • a cardiology technician;
  • a nurse coordinator;
  • two sonographers; and
  • three cardiologists.
While the team is based at the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre, services are sometimes provided through travelling clinics throughout the province.
What to expect
Most appointments for new patients take 60 to 90 minutes, and could be up to two hours depending on how much testing your child requires and the urgency of the situation.
All patients of the cardiology clinic will be assessed based on symptoms, such as poor growth or poor exercise capacity, and signs, such as a heart murmur or irregular heartbeat. 
Most patients will have an electrocardiogram, which is a five to 10 minute procedure that requires placing stickers on your child's chest and limbs to measure the heart's electrical activity. Other testing is based on medical need, and may include an ultrasound (also known as an echocardiogram) to check the structure and strength of the heart; a Holter monitor, which is a 24-hour rhythm assessment; or a stress test, which involves walking and running on a treadmill. 
Contact Us
Janeway Cardiology Clinic
Telephone: (709) 777-4581
Cardiology Nurse Coordinator
Telephone: (709) 777-4697
Telephone: (709) 777-4462   


Updated May 12, 2017