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Getting Started


All students are required to attend orientation in accordance with Eastern Health’s Orientation Policy (PDF).
This includes an orientation to the organization (general orientation), the site at which the student will be placed (site orientation), and to the department/program in which the student will be placed.

The program/department in which the student is being placed should conduct the department/program orientation.

Students completing a placement for four weeks or less can either attend Eastern Health’s General Orientation or will be provided an abbreviated orientation by their Eastern Health placement supervisor.
Identification and Security Access

While on placement with Eastern Health, all students must display a valid educational institution photo identification (ID). Then an Eastern Health ID will be required in accordance with Eastern Health’s Identification Policy (PDF).
Identification must be visible at all times while on Eastern Health premises. The identification badges support security and safety for patients, staff, students and guests on Eastern Health premises.

Certain placement areas may require the student to have security access cards to enter a facility or unit. Security or health care technology and data management (HTDM) personnel can assist with ID and security access. Eastern Health ID badges and security access cards must be returned to the site security and/or HTDM office at the conclusion of the placement. 
Computer Access
Students may require access to Eastern Health’s computer systems for learning purposes, including outlook email, meditech and various clinical programs. The Eastern Health placement supervisor or manager of the area where the student will be completing the placement should complete and submit a computer password form (PDF) to HTDM requesting the required access for the student.


Depending on the site at which the student placement is located, parking may or may not be available. Space can be a challenge at some of our urban health care facilities. Students should contact the security office at the site they are completing their placement to inquire about parking passes. Students completing a placement in St. John’s can visit the MetroBus site for information on public transit.


Site and Community Information
Looking for information on a particular Eastern Health site or a community?
Visit the Eastern Health Facilities webpage for information on site location, hours of operation and services provided.
Interested in learning more about a particular community or region you will be staying in during your placement?
Visit the Community Accounts website to find out demographic and health determinant information for communities, regions and the province.


Updated Mar 20, 2015