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What is the PPNL follow-up clinic?
The follow-up clinic is a special clinical service for infants, and their families, to support their best possible growth and development.
Why is my child coming to this clinic?

Some babies, including those who are very low birthweight, or have breathing problems after birth, are referred to the clinic before they are discharged from hospital. Babies who have other medical conditions, have had major surgery, or whose moms have been on certain medications or drugs while pregnant, may also be referred to the clinic.

What is involved in a clinic visit? 
At the follow-up clinic, your child’s growth and development is followed closely. A pediatrician will look at several areas of development including movement and development of large and small muscles, vision, hearing, speech and general behavior. Body movements, muscle tone and the presence or absence of certain reflexes will also be observed.

Each visit lasts about one hour. Referrals may be made to physiotherapy, eye specialists, audiology or other health professionals when required. A follow-up report will be sent to your family doctor, pediatrician, and/or public health nurse.

How often will my child be seen?

This may depend on how long your child has been in hospital following birth. The first visit usually takes place several months after your child has gone home from hospital. This time gives your child a chance to settle into his/her home environment and grow a little more. Following the first visit, your child will be seen about every four months for the first year. After this, he/she will be seen at 18 months and three years of age.

At around three years of age your child will also be seen by a child psychologist who will perform a very detailed developmental check-up.

Travelling clinics

Travel clinics are held in certain regions of the province, in all of the regional health authorities, twice a year.


You will be advised by a clinic staff member of your next appointment. If you cannot make the scheduled appointment, it is very important that you notify our office. Please contact:   

Clinic Bookings at (709) 777-4656 or email:


Updated Sep 24, 2014