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Home and Community Care

The goal of the Home and Community Care Program is to support individuals and their families living in the community who need additional care and professional services to manage an illness. The support provided by this program helps individuals avoid admission to a healthcare facility or reduce the length of their stay in the hospital. 
Services provided by the Home and Community Care Program include:

Accessing Our Services
Home and Community Care services are provided to individuals based on their specific needs. To ensure these needs are met, individuals will be referred to the most appropriate service based on standardized assessments of individual needs. 

Requests for Home and Community Care services can be made by anyone including the individual, family member, doctor, nurse or other health care professionals.

Our Team

Home and Community Care services are provided  to individuals throughout the Eastern Health region by a variety of health professionals, including:
  • Home and Community Care nurses –Most of the services provided by Home and Community Care are performed or case managed by community health nurses.
  • Dietician – encourages healthy eating practices that promote health and prevent/treat disease.
  • Occupational Therapist – addresses functional and safety concerns in the home.
  • Physiotherapist – maximizes physical function by improving strength, range of movement and balance.
  • Social Worker – provide assistance in palliative end of life care.  Other social work services are provided by the Community Supports Program.
  • Home and Community Care Coordinators – Coordinates with acute care and home and community care to provide services such as IV therapy, end of life care and chemotherapy in a community setting.
Contact Us
If you have an inquiry about the Home and Community Care Program or are looking for program contact information, click here.


Updated Jan 15, 2014