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Activities with Your Child

Research shows that parents and caregivers have an important role in supporting early child development, this can be done through play! 
Play-based learning is:
  • any activity or game that builds your child’s development and academic skills 
  • a way to teach your child new things 
  • simple and fun 
There are activities you can do with your child to help them to learn, how to problem-solve, get along with others, to build their language skills, and to have fun.
Click here to find these activities.
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24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth
Infants, toddlers and preschoolers need to Move, Sleep and Sit in the right amounts. Check here to find out more:
Children and youth, ages 5-17, need to Sweat, Step, Sleep, and Sit in the right amounts each day. Check here to find out more:
More resources:
Visit the website of the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development
Download the handout Play-based learning: The joy of learning through play 
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    Love your child
    Listen to your child
    Learn for your child
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    Updated Nov 2, 2018