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Canned vegetables and fruit can be as nutritious as their fresh counterparts. There is a common misbelief that canned and frozen vegetables and fruit are not as healthy as fresh. However, the process of canning and freezing helps preserve and enhance nutrients and freshness of food at their peak. This provides access to nutritious, convenient, safe and affordable food year round. When choosing canned and frozen vegetables and fruit look for those that have no added fat, sugar or salt. Plus canned vegetables and fruit are easy to use!.

Why taste and explore canned vegetables and fruit?

  • Just as nutritious as fresh and frozen.
  • Lower cost than fresh or frozen.
  • Require little preparation- simply open the can and heat up in minutes!
  • Quality is consistent year-round.
  • You can stock up when on sale. 
  • Add variety to your meals.
  • Non-perishable (lasts a long time on the shelf) and therefore results in little wastage.


Enjoy Veggies & Fruit with every meal and snack!

Choose canned fruit that has been packed in water or in its own juice. Cut down on salt by using low or sodium-free canned vegetables, or by rinsing them before use.
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Updated Apr 23, 2021