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Criteria for Supporting a Student Placement

Eastern Health's capacity to accept student placement requests is based on a number of operational factors.


Although we will work to secure a placement opportunity, not all placement requests can or will be accommodated. Below are some criteria for educational institutions, students and Eastern Health employees to consider when seeking and/or supporting a student placement request:
  • Receipt of a signed affiliation agreement between Eastern Health and the education institution and proof of insurance. 
  • Completion of the students’ post-secondary program will enable the student to meet the qualifications established for a health or support service profession at Eastern Health.
  • Accepting the student placement will support the operational requirements of an Eastern Health program or department, and support the learning objectives of the student placement.
  • Availability of an Eastern Health employee to act as a supervisor or preceptor to support the student in meeting their placement learning objectives.
  • Priority of student placement requests will be given to students enrolled in regional post-secondary schools.


Considering the nature of health care, a student placement request may not be accommodated for a number of reasons including:
  • Closure of inpatient beds/unit/program, staff shortage or high unit/program workload.
  • The maximum numbers of student placements for a unit/program has been reached.
  • The requested placement conflicts with confirmed student placements for the same time period.
  • The number of hours/shifts expected by the student/placement cannot be accommodated.
  • Temporary or ongoing changes to the services provided and/or experience that is available through the requested unit/program.
  • The type of placement requested is not suitable for the unit/program area (e.g. nature of supervision required, level of the student).


Updated Feb 25, 2015