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Developmental Milestones

Every child reaches milestones, such as walking, talking or feeding, at their own pace.
And sometimes, children need a little extra support to master new skills. You can help your baby reach milestones by:
  • Making your surroundings safe for baby to explore.
  • Giving a hand to hold when learning to walk.
  • Staying close by when they try something new. 
  • Giving lots of encouragement and praise. 
  • Giving your child opportunities to try new things. 
  • Singing or saying rhymes to your baby.
You can encourage your child’s progress, but don’t push him/her to do things before he/she is ready. If you have concerns about your child’s development, talk to your health care provider. There are time frames which health care providers use to gauge how children are developing. If there is a problem, early treatment can be started before things become more serious.
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Updated Jun 3, 2015