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Attachment is the word used to refer to the relationship developed between an infant and a parent, or primary caregiver, during the first two to three years of life.
During the first six months of a child’s life, children respond best to immediate and consistent attention and comfort; they cannot be "spoiled” by it. It is important for a child to develop a secure attachment relationship because:
  • The type of attachment relationship a child forms actually helps shape trillions of connections related to language, thinking, motor control and emotions in a baby’s brain.
  • Children with secure attachments
    • more freely explore their environment and are able to learn with confidence
    • tend to be more popular with peers and exhibit more positive social interaction with other kids.
    • tend to be more emotionally stable and able to express and manage their feelings well.
Sharing activities is a terrific way to build a bond with your child. If you are new dad check out Daddy and Me On the Move from Best Start Ontario for activities that fathers can do with their children.
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Updated Aug 6, 2018