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Medicine Program

The Regional Medicine Program provides inpatient medical services in seven hospitals and health-care centres across the region. 
The program also offers over 30 outpatient clinics providing diagnostic, treatment, education and follow-up care for patients with acute and chronic illnesses.
Outpatient clinics are offered in areas such as:
  • diabetes education and management; 
  • neurology; 
  • rheumatology; 
  • pulmonary function; 
  • cystic fibrosis; 
  • HIV/AIDS; 
  • endocrinology; 
  • diagnostic neurophysiology; 
  • nephrology; 
  • stem cell transplants; and 
  • genetic services.
The Regional Medicine Program is committed to providing the highest quality of care and services possible to the people of our communities, in our region and in the province. We are dedicated to Eastern Health’s vision of Healthy People, Healthy Communities. 
The Regional Medicine Program is guided by its Client and Family Advisory Councilestablished with the aim to help to ensure the best client experience at Eastern Health.
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Updated Oct 26, 2018