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Palliative Care

Regional palliative care services are part of the Rehabilitation, Continuing Care and Palliative Care Program of Eastern Health. At Eastern Health, we believe in and respect the dignity of all persons. We believe that having the power to choose palliative care is an essential option. The palliative care team values the needs of the whole person — body, mind and spirit — and places patients and their families at the centre of our service.
Client- and Family-Centred Care
The Palliative Care team is committed to providing Client- and Family-Centred Care (CCFC). This means working together with our clients, patients, residents and their families to improve health care.
CFCC is a philosophy of care that views people using health services as equal partners in planning, developing, monitoring and evaluating care to make sure it meets their needs.
Palliative Care prioritizes CCFC by discussing goals and expectations of care with clients and families, and by encouraging continuous feedback. These discussions inform the plan of care and helps us improve our services. 
For more information about CCFC at Eastern Health, please visit the Client- and Family-Centred Care page. 
We invite you to browse this website to learn more about palliative care services available at Eastern Health. 


Updated Oct 6, 2017