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Infection Prevention and Control

Preventing and Controlling Infections at Eastern Health
As health care providers, we are committed to providing quality care and services, and to keeping our patients, clients and residents safe.

Infection prevention and control is a shared responsibility for all Eastern Health staff, physicians, patients and visitors. The Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) team is available to provide support and consultation across the continuum of care.

The main purpose of the IPAC program is the prevention and control of infections. We do this for the well-being of those we serve - including our patients, residents, clients, visitors and health care workers - in a manner that demonstrates our commitment to caring, respect, effective use of resources and continuous, quality improvement.
Our Goals

The main goals of the Regional Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) program are: 
  • To promote infection prevention and control practices across the continuum of care
  • To strive to protect patients, residents, clients and staff from healthcare-associated infections
  • To provide education to employees to assist with preventing the spread of infections within Eastern Health


Downloadable Documents:
Hand Hygiene Brochure

Updated May 4, 2015